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A haven where every step towards transformation is deeply personal yet supported by a community. I am Paul Puzanoski, and my journey to this moment has been both profound and humbling. Despite being a CEO and amid the external markers of success, I encountered a significant inner turmoil that led to an existential crisis in 2008. The shadows of suicide loomed, threatening to eclipse the light of my existence. It was from this brink of despair that I discovered the transformative power of various modalities, which not only brought me back from the edge but also ignited a burning passion to share these profoundly transformative tools, practices and people with others.

In the 15+ years following my awakening, I embarked on a passionate odyssey, immersing myself in an array of healing and transformative modalities. From yoga and somatics to energy work, psychotherapeutics and trauma-informed therapies, I explored every avenue of self-discovery and growth I could get my hands on.

This journey led me to join hands with an extraordinary collective of specialists, each a master in their respective fields. Together, we created WUB Wellness—a harmonious blend of our shared knowledge and compassion. Our collaborative approach is unique, ensuring that whether you're an individual in search of personal solace and clarity, or a business aspiring to cultivate a culture rich in empathy and innovation, you find a committed ally in us.


Ignite Your Journey of Profound Metamorphosis

At WUB, we're not just about transformation; we're about igniting a journey of self-discovery and professional evolution that resonates with the core of who you are. Our specially crafted programs, from the empowering WUB Clarity Bootcamp to the indulgent Banff Immersion, the tailored One-on-One Retreats, and our transformative Corporate Programs, are meticulously designed for those who seek not just change, but a profound metamorphosis.

Individual Programs


Banff Intensive Retreat: Join our signature Banff Intensive Retreat, a transformative experience amidst the Canadian Rockies. This retreat is an immersive journey into self, blending the serenity of nature with enriching activities for personal growth and reflection.

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WUB Clarity Bootcamp: Embark on a day of deep self-discovery with our Clarity Bootcamp. We offer a profound exploration into your soul, blending ancient wisdom with modern practices for a life of fulfillment and purpose.

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Custom One-on-One Retreats: Craft your own bespoke retreat experience amidst the serene beauty of the Canadian Rockies. Our retreats are tailored to your unique journey, offering a personalized pathway to empowerment and clarity. Delve into an intimate, transformative experience, where every detail is aligned with your individual aspirations, set against the backdrop of nature's grandeur.

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Corporate Programs


WUB Resonance: Elevating Corporate Excellence: "Transcend conventional wellness with WUB Resonance. Our program merges conscious communication with practical business strategies, rooted in real-life corporate transformation. It's designed to improve team dynamics and enhance client interactions, cultivating a team that excels in empathy, emotional intelligence, and collaboration."

Custom Group Retreats: "Tailor a retreat to your team's unique needs. Beyond wellness, our retreats focus on building skills and nurturing a culture of inclusivity and understanding. They are journeys toward not just better communication, but also toward a more cohesive, productive, and empathetic workplace."

    Impact and Results: "Our data-driven approach aims to boost productivity by up to 25% (McKinsey). Addressing the critical issue where 86% of workplace failures stem from poor collaboration and communication, WUB Resonance is a strategic tool to address these challenges, potentially saving significant annual losses due to miscommunication."

      Cultivate Connection in Your Business

      I attended in 2020 and it was fantastic. The meeting space in the tent was inviting and comfortable and the people hosting and attending even more so. It was a blend of self reflection, learning, connecting with others, supporting each other, and dancing! The nature learning how to forage) walk was so informative.

      Sometimes one goes to a workshop or retreat and it is a one and done. Not WUB, the experience I had in 2020 stuck with me and I was inspired to return in 2023. So looking forward to what's in store, for exploration within and with the community that will gather again.

      ~ Dana

      "I decided that I needed a "weekend for myself" as my year has been a whirlwind of negativity (but also growth). I went by myself, a bit nervous, yet excited for what was to come. The group was so loving and accepting, and all of the experiences were unique. I went in with an open mind, and I left with my mind and heart open. I needed that weekend, and I felt refreshed and with renewed energy. Thank you Paul & WUB team!"
      ~ Megan

      Why Choose WUB Wellness?

      Holistic Approach:

      Our programs integrate physical, mental, and emotional wellness for comprehensive personal development.

      Customized Experiences:

      Tailored to meet your specific goals, whether it's personal clarity or corporate team building.

      Expert Guidance:

      Led by Paul Puzanoski and a team of seasoned professionals, each with a wealth of knowledge and empathy.

      Ready to Transform?

      Connect with us to begin your journey of discovery and empowerment. Whether you're looking for a personal retreat in the serene Canadian Rockies or seeking to enhance your corporate environment, we're here to facilitate your journey to wellness and success.

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