The WUB Resonance Method

Embark on a journey of transformation that begins within the heart of your organization and resonates outwards, reaching every facet of your business interactions. WUB Resonance isn't just about enhancing communication; it's about reimagining the way we connect, collaborate, and create in our professional spheres.

With roots in a profound personal transformation that sparked a seismic shift in corporate culture, we bring you a platform where deep human connections are forged, and every individual's potential is recognized and realized.

From Boardroom to Breathwork:
The Birth of WUB's Vision

"Hi, I'm Paul Puzanoski. Before WUB came to life, there was a turning point in my corporate leadership journey. In 2008, as I navigated through an existential crisis, I found solace in transformative healing modalities. This personal awakening, against the backdrop of my role as a CEO, eventually led to a radical change within my team and our office culture.

Implementing practices such as conscious communication, breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness, I observed a dramatic shift: stress diminished, productivity surged, and our client engagements became deeply empathetic. This pivotal experience, where every individual felt truly seen and heard, planted the seeds for WUB Resonance—a platform marrying business acumen with a profound commitment to holistic pathways to authentic human connection."

The Essence of Our Program:

Pathways to Deeper Understanding: Our program ventures beyond mere techniques. We create journeys to build genuine empathy, emotional intelligence, and connection. Utilizing tools like dyadic communication and somatic exploration to foster a deeper understanding within teams. Designed to cultivate a team that excels not only internally but in every client interaction.

Humanizing Business Interactions: We believe that at the core of every interaction is a human story that deserves acknowledgment and value, whether among colleagues or with clients. The WUB initiative is dedicated to elevating this narrative, enhancing connections, and fostering empathy and intentionality in all interactions.

Ideal Beneficiaries and Program Impact:

The Critical Nature of Conscious Communication:

The WUB Difference:

Integrating Insights with Innovation: Experience Meets Evidence

WUB's programs are a fusion of shared experiences and evidence-based practices. This combination crafts impactful services that embrace the principles of conscious communication and genuine human connection. Our approach promotes professional growth and nurtures a culture of empathy and collaborative excellence.

Customization and Inclusivity:

We specialize in crafting programs that are precisely attuned to your organization's distinct requirements, ensuring they not only resonate deeply with your team but also align seamlessly with your overarching business objectives.


Join the WUB Resonance movement and embark on a journey of conscious communication. Together, let's forge a workplace culture where every voice shapes collective success.

Get in touch to commence a transformative experience that will redefine your team dynamics and enhance client relationships.

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Further Insights on Impact and Outcomes:

Transcending Conventional Wellness:

In an era where diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) are paramount, and the buzz around corporate wellness abounds, our program offers a deeper level of transformation. We go beyond typical wellness initiatives, delving into practical strategies that not only enhance team interactions and decision-making but also nurture the human element of communication, fostering a more inclusive and empathetic workplace culture.

Data-Driven Results:

By partnering with WUB, organizations can expect improved team cohesion, reduced workplace stress, and a significant boost in client satisfaction and retention. Effective communication with clients can result in higher satisfaction rates, with a 10% increase in client satisfaction translating into a 12% increase in revenue (Harvard Business Review study).

A Strategic Investment:

Investing in the WUB program is an investment in your team's ability to effectively communicate, collaborate, and connect, fostering a thriving and adaptable corporate environment. Organizations with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202% in terms of profitability (Gallup's State of the American Workplace report). Organizations with effective communication have 47% higher total returns to shareholders compared to firms with poor communication (Towers Watson study).

WUB Resonance Program Packages

Transform your team's communication and collaboration with our tailored WUB Resonance packages. Choose from a variety of formats to suit your organization's unique needs.

One-Day Intensive Workshop:

Overview: A comprehensive, full-day workshop designed to impart immediate and impactful improvements in conscious communication. Ideal for teams seeking a significant boost in communication skills within a compact timeframe.


  • In-depth exploration of conscious communication techniques.
  • Practical exercises in somatic exploration and mindfulness.
  • Interactive activities for real-time skill application.
  • Personal reflection and group discussions for deeper understanding and team cohesion.

Outcome: Participants gain practical tools and insights for immediate application, leading to enhanced workplace dynamics and client interactions.

Key Features:

  • 6-7 Hour Commitment
  • Dynamic and Interactive Format
  • Expert Facilitation
  • Customized Content

Weekend Retreat

Overview: A two-day immersive retreat providing a deep dive into the principles of conscious communication and team bonding. Perfect for teams looking for an extensive and transformative experience.


  • Comprehensive sessions on WUB's methodologies.
  • Extended somatic exploration and mindfulness practices.
  • Team-building activities and reflective sessions.

Outcome: A significant shift in empathy and understanding, leading to lasting improvements in workplace dynamics and client relationships.

Key Features:

  • Two-Day Immersive Experience
  • In-Depth Methodology Exploration
  • Engaging Team Activities
  • Reflective and Interactive Sessions

    Conference or Event Integration

    Overview: Customizable modules that integrate seamlessly into your existing corporate events or conferences, adding a unique dimension of personal growth and team development.


    • Tailored sessions on key aspects of WUB Resonance.
    • Interactive workshops and breakout sessions.
    • Keynote speeches on conscious communication.

    Outcome: Enhances the overall event experience, equipping attendees with valuable skills and insights that complement the main event's objectives.

    Key Features:

    • Seamless Integration with Events
    • Customizable Content
    • Interactive and Engaging Format
    • Expert Keynote and Workshop Facilitation

    Curriculum Integration for Post-Secondary Institutions

    • Overview: Collaborate with post-secondary institutions to integrate the WUB Resonance program into their curriculum, offering students essential skills for personal and professional growth.


    • Customized course modules aligned with academic objectives.
    • Practical application of conscious communication in real-world scenarios.
    • Opportunities for students to earn credits or certifications.

    Outcome: Empowers students with skills that enhance their employability and contribute to their personal development.

    Key Features:

    • Academic Collaboration
    • Accredited Course Modules
    • Skill Development for Future Careers

    Why Choose WUB Resonance?

    Embarking on a WUB Resonance program is more than just training—it's a transformative journey towards more empathetic, effective, and human-centric communication within your organization. Our evidence-based approach enhances team dynamics, reduces stress, and improves client relationships, making it a strategic investment in your organization's future.

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    Keynote Talk: 'A Lifelong Quest for Deeper Understanding and Connection' by Paul Puzanoski



    Paul Puzanoski, renowned for his impactful work as an Impact and Wellness Consultant, delivers a keynote that intertwines his transformative personal journey with his professional expertise in leadership, wellness, and social impact. As the founder of WUB U, WUB Wellness, and the WUB Society of Canada, Paul's insights are particularly relevant to the corporate world, focusing on holistic well-being and conscious communication.


    1. Journey of Transformation: Paul's path from a successful entrepreneur to his transformative experiences in Sedona.
    2. Healing and Empowerment: Insights into the healing practices that reshaped his life and their applicability in personal and professional growth.
    3. Conscious Business Practices: Lessons from Paul's leadership in integrating wellness and mindfulness in business.
    4. Strategic Business Acumen: Paul's expertise in event planning, branding, and wellness, and its relevance to corporate strategy.
    5. Empowering Change: Strategies for empowering socially conscious organizations and making a meaningful impact.


    • Inspiration from Paul's journey of overcoming adversity and fostering resilience.
    • Practical insights into integrating holistic practices into corporate environments.
    • Deep engagement with Paul's storytelling, fostering community and shared purpose.

    Ideal Audience:

    This keynote is ideally suited for corporate events, leadership seminars, team retreats, and settings focused on communication, well-being, and transformative leadership.

    About Paul Puzanoski:

    Paul Puzanoski's journey is one of profound self-discovery and professional achievement. With over 20 years of experience, he has facilitated over $7B in spending between major brands and agencies and helped raise over $150M for non-profits. His transformative experience in Sedona led him to delve into various healing modalities, reshaping his approach to business and life. Paul's passion lies in making a difference rather than a fortune, a philosophy he applies in empowering organizations and individuals to achieve their goals and create real change. He has served as CEO of a prominent employment agency, founded an award-winning branding and design firm, and created world-renowned wellness events. Today, Paul stands as a guide and fellow traveler in the journey of life, committed to helping others find their path and purpose, just as he found his.